We are a group of independent researchers who run voluntary research group “Zerotha Research”- Zeroth Step towards research. However, there exists no official organization called “Zerotha”, and it is an initiative to mentor students in NLP and semantic web research. Zerotha is a part-time activity of involved mentors, and we call it “Saturday Research”. The admission is highly selective. Please check the page for instructions on the application.

Our Mission​

Dr. Kuldeep Singh founded Zerotha in 2019 to help students in the early phase of their careers interested in doing computer science research (NLP or Semantic Web), but lack guidance or somehow left behind. The core idea of Zerotha is to mentor students before their formal registration in a renowned research group ( or as part of a research lab in the industry). Hence, students who are already part of established research groups, have worked with a professor, or have any prior industry research experience can not apply for the Zerotha program. Zerotha is mainly for students at the last mile and wanted to be a part of the research community with their hard work and determination. Besides Kuldeep, Isaiah Onando Mulang’ is a mentor and also responsible for managing Zerotha.

Core Values

  • Integrity and Ethics ​
  • Equality​
  • Respect for all
  • Hard work

*There is currently one slot available for a student. Please refer to “For Students” page for the application process (pre-requisite to apply).

Our Mantra:

Give students equal opportunities and mentorship before comparing their skills. After all, evaluation settings should be the same, isn’t it?

Paper accepted in ACL2021: KGPool: Dynamic Knowledge Graph Context Selection for Relation Extraction

RECON paper in The WebConference 2021 was a best paper contender.

Two Papers accepted in EACL 2021 and one paper accepted in The Web Conference 2021 (WWW).

About Us

We are a group of independent researchers who support students seeking the first step towards their research careers.

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