About Us

We mentor students in our free time on Saturday, considering we are working full time on Weekdays. Zerotha is our spare time activity. We always feel happy to guide highly motivated students in early-stage research. Every year starting January, we take few students under our guidance to work with us. We expect students to respect our time and put sincere effort into improving the research skills. Zerotha is a team of following four researchers:

Dr. Kuldeep Singh

Kuldeep is the founder of Zerotha Research. He is currently working as Senior Product Manager (In-car conversational AI) at Cerence GmbH, Aachen, Germany. He leads few next-generation conversational AI products for tier-1 OEMs incorporating features including question and answering in conversations, proactivity, and personalised learning. He previously worked as Senior Dialogue System Researcher at Fraunhofer IAIS, Sankt Augustin, Germany. Kuldeep obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Bonn, Germany with the research focuses on question answering over knowledge graphs. For Ph.D. studies, he had received a Marie Curie Fellowship from the European Union. His research interest is at the intersection of Semantic Web and NLP with a focus on knowledge representation and downstream NLP tasks such as question answering, entity linking, and relation extraction. He regularly publishes in conferences/journals such as The Web Conference, ISWC, ESWC, SIGIR, NAACL, Journal of Web Semantics, etc.

Isaiah Onando Mulang

Isaiah Onando Mulang’ is responsible for managing Zerotha Research with Kuldeep. He is an expert in Conversational AI with experience in data science, deep learning, data representations, and knowledge engineering. He currently works as a Research Scientist at IBM Research. He has submitted Ph.D. thesis within the Smart Data Analytics group at the University of Bonn in Germany funded by the DAAD scholarship program. His research involves topics in Conversational AI and Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing, specifically in aligning textual elements to knowledge graphs for Question Answering, Dialogue Systems, Named Entity Recognition and Disambiguation, and Relation Extraction/Linking. His work has been published in top conferences and journals such as CIKM, SEMANTiCS, EMNLP, NAACL, WISE, Natural Language Engineering Journal, etc.

Dr. Harsh Thakkar

Dr. Thakkar is a Computer Scientist by training and a Consultant by profession. He is currently work as an SME in Semantics and Graph technologies in the field of life sciences with OSTHUS GmbH in Aachen, Germany. He helps organizations address complex data-integration and data-governance problems by leveraging the power of graph and semantic technology stacks. Harsh obtained PhD from University of Bonn and has published over 20 publications is the top conferences and Journals (ESWC, K-CAP, WWW, CLEF, AMW, SIGMOD-GRADES/NDA, IEEE ACCESS, etc) and won several best paper awards for his contributions to open-source Softwares and projects.

Anson Bastos

Anson Joined Zerotha as a student in 2019. After completing his Zerotha Foundation Program, Anson decided to join PhD in India. He appeared for prestigious GATE exam as a prerequisite for PhD admissions in India and secured All India Rank 294 (out of approx 200,000 candidates). In August 2020, he enrolled in Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT-Hyd) as a PhD student in computer science under the supervision of Prof. Manohar Kaul. He has received PhD admits from nearly all premium institutes in India including IIT Kanpur, IIT Jodhpur, IIT Gandhinagar, IIIT Hyderabad, etc. Anson was the topper of his bachelors batch in VJTI, Mumbai.

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